What the Chromebook Pixel is really about.

March 9, 2013 — 2 Comments

Google’s release of the Macbook-Pro-wannabe “Pixel” has left many tech pundits in disarray. Why release such a high-end computer with such a poor OS and lack of software? Clearly, it will not sell well.

So what.

The Pixel is for Google employees, not us! It’s an old Xerox PARC trick: live 10 years in the future (hardware-wise) so that you can create it (software-wise). That’s what the Google Pixel is about.

Also, it shows Google’s is the one big company left where you can still have fun.

  • 5threeone

    I started living with a Pixel on March 1st. I came to it from a MacBook Pro; simply wanted to do something different!.. It is different! However, despite being oldish (74) I have managed to get all my stuff from the MacBook into Google Drive, found out what a spoofer is and how using it enabled me to sell things on EBay, photos, rich text etc.
    I have set up my printer to printer share, learned and suceeded printing labels direct from Avery website (uk). So far it has not stopped or deterred me from doing anything I did with my MacBook. What has gotten me through this learning curve? Going to the forums whenever I was stumped. Plus I have ‘googled’ some of my questions and there are answers there too. If you are hesitant I hope my own positive experience is of help.

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