On Nokia’s fight for survival

September 10, 2012

Lumia 920I, for one, am proud of Nokia (even though I’ve criticized them in the past for making crappy phone software). They are trying to do something different (unlike Samsung say). Lumia phones are unique and cool hardware-wise. Going all-in with the Microsoft phone OS (formerly known as Metro) instead of Android was a tough, bold call. Things to consider when predicting the success of the Lumia and of Nokia:

  1. Metro gets good reviews (even from people I know who use it).
  2. Metro’s biggest issue: it’s GUI is boring, every app looks the same.
  3. Palm also had an innovative (and competitive to iOS/Android) operating system and good hardware, and failed…hard.
  4. Microsoft has to win this – they need to at least be third and will spend any amount of money to do so (they will buy RIM, twist its enterprise partners arms, etc.), and they have the money.