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Lexus has lost its mind. Kia is now, apparently, awesome.


The Camry has been getting progressively uglier with each generation. That virus has now officially jumped species to Lexus. The new 2013 model Lexus ES has an analog clock on the dashboard.

Yes, an analog clock.

It’s hideous. What genius came up with that one? Hey guys, let’s make our luxury cars look like 80s-era Caddies. That’s the demographic we want to aim for.

Is this a joke? I think I’ve seen this in other cars as well. Do people think this is a sign of luxury? Am I really going to buy a 40 thousand plus dollar car with an analog clock?

They could have used that space to put back some useful radio controls, for example. (The completely on-screen radio idea doesn’t really work guys, I want memory buttons).

And it’s uglier than the last model on the outside too. How is that possible?

Meanwhile, Kia’s cars are looking more and more totally awesome. Kia for crying out loud. I heard they hired an ex-Audi designer. It shows.

Is Toyota done? Is Japan done? Is designing a cool looking car that hard for a luxury brand like Lexus? I mean, come on!


Toyota: get serious.